The Mask Network

ICO Ends
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Only 500,000 MaskCoins are available for sale at 10 different price levels. After every 50.000 coins sold, the price increases by $0.1. The maximum price for a coin is $1. We only accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or STEEM as a payment method. After the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email containing a public / private key pair that will allow you to access your coins once the network is officially launched. The official launch was set for July, 1, 2017. Read the white paper for more information.

   Level 4 34.502 $0.4 Buy
   Level 5 50.000 $0.5  
   Level 6 50.000 $0.6  
   Level 7 50.000 $0.7  
   Level 8 50.000 $0.8  
   Level 9 50.000 $0.9  
   Level 10 50.000 $1  

Only 3% of total MaskCoins available at launch
No more than 21.000.000 MaskCoins will ever be created. 500.00 coins are reserved for ICO, developers will receive 100.000 coins while 10.000 coins are allocated to bounty campain (25.000 coins were sold during 2016 pre-sale). The rest of 20.365.000 coins (97%) will be slowly distributed by the network, to traders or content creators, to reward their effort and time. In the event that not all of the coins allocated for investment are sold during the ICO, 100% of the remaining unsold coins will be allocated to developers.

Limited supply
MaskCoins are created each time a user discovers a new block or when users are rewarded. The number of maskcoins generated each year is 5% of the total amount of undistributed coins. Because the amount of undistributed coins is calculated after each block, rewards decrease every single day, making MaskCoin a real store of value. For example miner's block reward decreases 0.00000001 MSK every 2 blocks (~2 minutes).
Maximum Supply

    December, 2014 The first lines of code are written
    December, 2015 Presale is lauched (40.000 coins sold)
    September, 2016 First version of network / web wallet is launched. 40% of features implemented *
    April, 2017 MaskNetwork release candidate 1 is live. 100% features implemented.
    May, 2017 ICO is launched. 500.000 coins available for sale.
    June, 25, 2017 ICO ends.
    July, 1, 2017 Official real network launch. MaskCoin is ready for exchanges.
    October, 2017 Desktop GPU miner is available
    December, 2017 Mobile wallet is available
    April, 2018 Full desktop wallet available

New Software
MaskNetwork is not a fork of an existing blockchain. It was written from scratch, by a talented team, in the last 2 years.
Nothing to download
The network can be accessed using a regular browser. End users do not have to download anything to start using MaskNetwork.
Daily rewards
Every day, traders and bloggers are rewarded for their time and effort using MaskCoin the currency that powers up the network.
With no central server and no regulation, sky is the limit. You can trade anything from Apple stock to air temperature in London.

ICO funds distribution
The MaskNetwork crowdsale will fund us to expand more quickly to acquire a bigger market share. A minimum of 40% of all funds raised in the crowdsale will be used for marketing. A large component of marketing will be direct traders / bloggers acquisition. We will use multiple different traffic sources, including Facebook, Google Adwords, offer walls and specialized trading / blogging traffic sources. Around 30% of funds will be used to expand MaskNetwork ecosystem. We want a state of the art mobile wallet, a solid desktop solution and a more polished web wallet. Another 20% will be used to maintain the core protocol and pay the full time core developers / legal costs. 10% will be used for bounties / contests and so on.

Vlad Cristian
CEO, founder, lead developer
Vlad is a game developer / designer, crypto enthusiast and database technologist with full-stack expertise in building large scale high performing software. For over a decade, he played technology leadership roles and built several teams and products along the way.
Coman Andrei, java programmer
Andrei is an experienced java programmer with 3+ years in building desktop applications. He is building / maintaining the java kernel

Grigore Aurel, programmer
Aurel has over 5 years of experience in software development. Before joining MaskNetwork team, he worked for a major gaming company in Bucharest. He is involved in core java module development.

Stan George, PHP programmer
George is an experienced PHP / Mysql / Java developer. In the last 3 years he was involved in over 20 web projects as a backend programmer. He is building the MaskNetwork web interface.

Raducu Marian, front-end developer, designer
Marian is a UX / HTML / JavaScript expert. He is making sure that users will have a great experience using MaskNetwork web interface.

* In Septmeber 2016, we have switched MaskNetwork to main net. Only 40% of code / feature set was implemented. We wanted to slowly introduce new fetures in the next 6 months. Shortly after launch, node operators have begun to experience frequent down-times, and other issues related to node software. In october, after extensive talks with node operators, we made the decision to switch the network back on test-net and to postpone the official launch for 6 months.
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